So you've decided to mod your PSP and want to run custom firmware. That's a great idea, but it would definetly help to understand what's happening, and what custom firmware is.

What Is Custom FirmwareEdit

Custom Firmware or CFW is exactly what it sounds like. It is a modified (or Custom) deviation of the official Sony PSP Firmware. CFW allows you to run unsigned code developed for the PSP. What does this mean for you? Pretty simple actually if someone designs and writes an application for a PSP you can run it, and the possiblities are endless. With CFW you can do anything from emulate NES games to make your own custom Infa Red remote control.

Features of Custom Firmware Include

  • Changing the clock speed of your PSP
  • Loading official Sony PSP games from the memory stick
  • Running plugins

Types Of Custom FirmwareEdit

Firmware 1.5

  • This was the original PSP firmware and can only be run on the PSP1000 (AKA Fat or Phat) series. It didn't have any code checks and could run homebrew applications. Unfortunately it was lacking many features that newer CFW offer. This firmware is outdated and should not be used anymore.

M33 (3.60 - 5.00)

GEN (5.50)

  • Developed by a French team that took the lead after Dark Alex left the scene, this firmware was shortlived, but was well known for careless releases that bricked PSPs.

PRO-B (6.20-6.60)

ME (6.39-6.60)

  • The second firmware taken up after the GEN/Dark Alex era. It is written by Neur0n, and is entirely closed source. Can be found at